CREATE A MIXTAPE – Blüe Steel Tattoo Needle Cartridges – Magnum


Mixtape Boxes give you the option to select up to 4 different sizes of cartridges that fit into every box. (Each cartridge sleeve has 5 cartridges per size, each sleeve cost €10)

Worked on a large piece with specific groupings and you want to remember what you used? Create a MixTape box you can reorder or share with friends!

“As a tattooer myself, I have never liked being forced to buy a full box of every configuration I want to use or even try. There are groupings I use multiple times a day and others I use every few weeks. We wanted to give tattooers the ability to create their own boxes of needles or cartridges, mixed with configurations of their choice.” 

*.30 Cartridges = #10 Bugpin | .35 Cartridges = #12 Standard

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