Solid Ink – Tim Hendricks Magic Mix Singles


Black: A great black for all-around lining and solid fill work. Heals dark and bold.

Medium: A strong medium tone, definitely tends to be the most used tone. Great for whipping soft gradations from a black area and darkening up lighter tones a bit.

Feather Light: As light as it gets, for those tones that are almost unnoticeable but make a huge difference on what your eye sees. Also good for blood lining your stencil with an extra soft shade.

Light: A velvety smooth tone for your end fades and softer areas.

Dark / Single Needle Mix: A very dark mix for those tones where black is too dark but a medium mix is too light. Great for smoothing the fade between a medium tone to a black tone. Also great for single needle-work, when you don’t want too dark of a black but still need a strong enough black for line work.

All inks are made with the highest quality organic pigments. Solid Ink is easy to work with, super bright, and heals solid. They are very concentrated to ensure maximum color saturation.

  • Vegan
  • Sterile
  • EU approved
  • Made in USA
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