OSU Needles by Lucky Loz


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OSU Needles on Bar by Lucky Loz

"OSU" means to push, endure and persevere; to honor these words, we are pushing the envelope and bringing you a unique line of needles. Our resident artist Lucky Loz developed this exclusive design based on years of research in what would work best for pushing fast, dense pigment. 

 Loz has been dedicated to the craft of tattooing for over 15 years, has been studying needles since 2009, and is excited to bring something unique to the world of tattooing. From American Traditional to Japanese and beyond, these needles will allow you to color pack like non-other and quickly saturate areas with dense, vibrant pigment. These needles are meant for experienced professionals only. They are not meant to replace the traditional style of groupings but instead to offer the artist another tool in their toolbox.

  • Available in 7 & 9 Bold Round Liners, 13 Mag, 8 Bugpin Mag Stacked and 12 Round Shader Long Taper
  • 50 needles per box
  • Designed in-house by Lucky Loz

For inquiries and questions, contact Loz at 6thboroughmachineco

Sterilization Certificate 2023 Needles LOT 230930

  • Pre-sterile in blister packs and stamped with an expiration date
  • 50 needles per box

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