Coil Machines

Coil Machines is the most widely used and used tattoo machine. These machines use electromagnetic circuitry to move the needles. There are many variations, ranging from single-coiled machines to triple-coiled machines. They can be made of several different materials and in many different sizes and shapes. Dual-coiled machines are the one considered standard. The coils in the tattoo machines create electrical resistance to regulate the speed and power of the machine properly. This creates less trauma/damage to the skin.

What to look for in a Coil Machine?


The frame

Maybe you prefer iron or brass frames because they vibrate less. On the other hand, they are heavy. Or maybe you prefer zinc or aluminum because they are lightweight. Either way, if you find that the frame of your machine gets hot, then there is a problem with the circuit. A poorly made frame can sit incorrectly. In addition, a poorly made frame will work poorly, cause your end result to be bad, mess with the circulation and possibly cause more pain to your client.

Coil and wrapping

When we talk about the circuit, you will typically find coils with 8, 10 or 12 layers of wire wound around a coil or an iron core. The number of wraps affects the speed and downward force of the machine. Well-made coil machines do not have holes in the cord. Always remember to be careful when buying cheap machines that have opaque insulation because they may hide poor packaging work or fewer coils than promised.


You often see Coil Machines specifying the type of capacitor they use. The most common types of Coil Machines are 22 µF (microfarad) and 47 µF (microfarad). The higher the number, the slower the cycle. The smaller the capacitor, the less force is exerted downwards. The capacitor alone can give you a hint as to whether you are holding a shader or a liner.


The length of the spring differs on liners and shaders. Liner has a shorter spring at the back. If you can compare them side by side, you will be able to see it.


If you are in doubt about which tattoo machine to choose, go for the best one you can afford. That way, you are sure to have a tool that can keep up with your personal art style.

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Lucas Ford

Lucas Ford tattoo machines are handmade by Lucas himself. The goal is simple. To create the best possible quality and the best possible products. We are proud to sell his tattoo machines and we would highly recommend them.


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