Rotary Machines

Rotary Machines was invented in 1978 by Manfred Kohrs in Germany. Rotary machines were the original tattoo machines based on a rotating technology, which was invented by Samuel O’Reilly and then improved by tattooists over the years. Rotary machines use an electric motor to make the needles move. There have been recent improvements to make this type of machine pneumatic instead of the electric motor currently used.

Rotary Machines are not as frequently used as Coil Machines, but there should be no doubt that they also get some traction.


Why have Rotary Machines become so popular lately?

They are quiet

One of the strengths of the best professional Rotary Machine is its trouble-free operation. They do not buzz as loudly as a tattoo gun, so you are spared the noise while working. While sounding is already associated with getting ink into the machine, it is not necessarily a loss to miss. Why, you ask? First, tattooists can avoid ear injuries or at least delay the development of this. Some people also say that the buzz makes some clients more nervous, so without noise the process can be a little less disturbing.

They are typically versatile

Most Rotary Machines can line, shade and color without any problems. Because of this, you do not really need to use another machine just to complete a piece. All you have to do is adjust the voltage on your machine and power supply and then you are ready. Some Coil Machines can also do all this, they are typically more available as liners and shaders. This is why even though some Rotary Machines are not as good at shading, lining and coloring, they are still considered versatile choices.

They are easy to use

Many tattooists consider the finest rotation for tattoo machines to be the best tattoo machine because they are easy to operate, handle and maintain. Pentype tattoo guns are particularly hassle-free to use, as they are often designed to feel comfortable on the client’s skin. Since Rotary Machines are also lighter in terms of weight, you also do not have to worry about it being tiring for your arms and wrists. This, together with the machine’s technology, promises consistency and guarantees that you get the desired result.

They cause less trauma to the skin

One of the things that really sets Coil Machines and Rotary Machines apart is the way they dot the skin. Coil Machines use their power to really hit the needle into the skin and inject the ink properly. Despite its effectiveness, it can cause some serious trauma to the skin, especially in the more delicate areas. Rotary Machines make it easier and require more plugs to get the color into the skin. As a result, it is not as harmful to the skin surface.

How to choose the correct Rotary Machine?

With the many different options, it can be difficult to choose the right Rotary Machine. Therefore, here you get a little help in choosing the right one for you.

Prioritize quality

With so many choices, the best thing you can do is look only at the machines of the highest quality. How to determine the quality of a product? Look here:

  • Look at reviews of tattoo machines as they tell you how solid a product is and how well it works.
  • Look at the list of materials used, as this indicates whether the product is made of high quality components.
  • If the engine is made like the Swiss engines, then these are some of the most sophisticated options.

Choose the best and your favorite design type

The best tattoo machine sets are available in vertical motors and pen variants, among other things. Choose one that suits your preferences and your work style so that you can be sure that you can work with your machine without any problems.

You should not rely solely on product marketing

If you like professional Rotary Machines, do not necessarily look for terms in the product name or product list. Some of the most popular Rotary Machines do not even mention that they are pro-grade as there is no clear definition for such in the industry. Since Rotary Machines are mainly intended only for professional tattooists, it should be expected that a good model can work continuously without overheating. Just be absolutely sure to get a first class machine.


At Lucky Europe, we sell only the best of the best and have Rotary Machines from e.g. Lucas Ford, Shagbuilt and Cheyenne.


Lucas Ford


Shagbuilt was created in 1999 by a man named Shag. He has further developed on the classic tattoo machines and has also created his own, which he has designed together with some friends. Shag only wants to supply machines that are of good quality and handmade, which work well for people while providing good customer service.


Cheyenne has been developing professional tattoo equipment since 2006 in close collaboration with selected tattoo artists. Their headquarters are located in Berlin and therefore meet the German product quality standards. As the market leader for innovative advanced tattoo equipment, they consider it their duty to provide tattooists with optimal tools and contribute to the development of the tattoo industry.


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