Mother Tattoo Machines

August 10, 2022

Italian handmade tattoo machines. Built by a tattooer for tattooers.

This machine was initially created to be used with large and very Targe needles: given its qualities, together with all our testers, we decided to develop more and more specific machines and to set the BRUTALE as a color packer, because its frame is ideal for this type of setting. 


This machine will pack color solid, saturating with a. single pass. It is amazing for bold traditional color fill-in and Irezumi/Japanese style work. It is sold already set as a color packer but you can decide whether to make it more or less aggressive with the wheel placed on the frame.

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Longtime friends and tattoo artists Henning Jorgensen and Mike Rubendall are proud to bring a new standard of tattoo equipment to Europe.

Professional use only

We believe that our tattooing equipment should only be in the hands of a professional tattoo artist. That is why we will double- check each order to make sure you are legit prior to approval.


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