Service & Warranty Information

Service & Warranty Information


All Lucky Supply clipcords come with a 60 day warranty, from the date of purchase, excluding the Heavy Duty Iron Clad Clipcord which is guaranteed for 5 years from date of purchase.

All Lucky Supply machines, foot switches (excluding the Ichi Hatano feather touch) and power supplies come with a lifetime warranty which covers manufacturer defect, guaranteed by Lucky Supply.

Replacement LCD screens are no longer available and damaged LCD screens on any Lucky Supply power supply will void the warranty.

  • Any attempt to tamper with, or repair any item by the customer will Void the warranty.
  • We will repair machines if they are outside their warranty, however there will be a charge based upon extent of repair or rebuild.
  • All original parts (no matter condition) must be returned with the machine.
  • To re-spring and tune a machine will be a $20.00 charge.
  • To replace the coils will be a $50.00 charge.
  • Return shipping cost (a minimum of $10) is not included in the warranty, without prior approval by Lucky Supply.
  • All other machines are guaranteed by the individual builder of that machine, please contact machine builder for specific details.

Download Service Form here – (PDF)

Sending Your Equipment, PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

  • Your equipment MUST be cleaned!
  • Please remove any ink, blood, rubber bands, o-rings, etc from equipment and/or machines prior to sending.
  • Package your equipment in a small box or padded envelope to prevent damage during the shipping process

You MUST download, complete, and send the above Service Form with your equipment. Any items received without a Service Form will be sent back unrepaired.

Machines must be sent back to the original builder to be serviced.

Please ship your equipment with a method that allows tracking so that you may track the progress of your shipment and know when your equipment arrives to the builder.

Repairs should be sent directly to Lucky Supply USA. Please include $10 for return shipping. If other charges apply to the service, those charges can be calculated after the equipment is received and assessed by the builder.
Though we make every effort to repair your equipment and machines as soon as possible, we are very busy so please allow ample time for repairs to be completed/

Builders Contact

Machines warranty is provided by the builder. Our builders contact and shipping info is as follows, be sure to contact them before shipping your machine:

PO BOX 1300 Cedar Ridge, CA 95924-1300
**Aaron Cain is unable to offer any customizations or rebuilds of his machines due to workload. Warranty repair services on his machines will always be honored, provided the machines have not been abused or altered in anyway**

Visit: http://www.aaroncain.comand click the contact link for more specific information on Aaron Cain’s service policy.

Dan Kubin-
3408 Busch Drive, Suite H Grandville, MI 49418

411 Smith Street Brooklyn, NY 11231

3405 East Bay Drive Largo, FL 33771

c/o Black Heart Tattoo
177 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94103

c/o Black Heart Tattoo
177 Valencia Street San Francisco, CA 94103

Andy Seb–

Lucas Ford–


Please email with general inquiries and pricing details.

Warranty Information

All our footswitches, power supplies and machines are guaranteed, provided they have not been altered or misused. General wear and tear is understandable but gross negligence of the equipment is not something we have control over, so we will NOT cover it. We stand behind our products and our work. We request simply, that you DO NOT modify the equipment in any way. There are some exceptions; those will be addressed on a case by case basis.