CREATE A MIXTAPE – Blüe Steel Tattoo Needle Cartridges – Round Shader


+ tax if applicate 

Mixtape Boxes give you the option to select up to 4 different sizes of cartridges that fit into every box. (Each cartridge sleeve has 5 cartridges per size, each sleeve cost €10)

Worked on a large piece with specific groupings and you want to remember what you used? Create a MixTape box you can reorder or share with friends!

“As a tattooer myself, I have never liked being forced to buy a full box of every configuration I want to use or even try. There are groupings I use multiple times a day and others I use every few weeks. We wanted to give tattooers the ability to create their own boxes of needles or cartridges, mixed with configurations of their choice.” 


“Our goal when it came to cartridge development was to marry all of the good that we preferred in a cartridge and leave out all of the bad.⁠ ⁠Blüe Steel Tattoo Cartridges are exactly that, all of the good and none of the bad.⁠” These are intelligently designed cartridges made by tattooers for tattooers, that allow you to focus on your work & trust in your tools

  • The highest-quality needle pins, crafted into consistent configurations
  • Membrane mechanism that prevents ink split-back, fitted with perfect tension
  • Full needle stabilization, preventing unwanted movement
  • Larger reservoir opening for optimal ink flow
  • Ergonomic finger ledge for comfort & control
Grouping Size

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