Geko Ghost Power Supply


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The Geko GHOST Power Supply is designed to work with both coil and rotary tattoo machines. The upper panel consists of a polycarbonate membrane that drives all the power supply controls. This is not a capacitive or resistive membrane, but rather real electronic buttons that can be operated simply by pressing. The feeder can be wrapped in the film, for greater hygiene, without compromising its operation and all the controls respond correctly.


The power supply works in two modes: Manual or Memory. In Manual mode, the tattoo artist adjusts the desired output voltage. Once the power supply has been turned off and on again, the Manual mode remembers the previously set voltage. In Memory mode, on the other hand, 5 different output voltages can be set in 5 different memories that can be recalled using the appropriate button. For example, in memory 1 I memorize the voltage of the machine by lines; in memory 2 that of the color machine; in the memory 3 the output voltage of the press. The memorization takes place automatically after a few seconds from the setting.


The GHOST can also be used without the pedal. Thanks to the control on the upper part, the machine is operated and, by pressing it again, it stops. Very useful for long sessions and for jobs in uncomfortable positions. Instead, insert the pedal into the appropriate connector on the rear panel, the receiver immediately recognizes the presence of the pedal and has the possibility of 2 different settings. The impulsive mode provides voltage to the machine when the pedal is held down and stops it when the pedal is released. The continuous mode, on the other hand, provides tension at the first pressure and release of the pedal, while the next time the pedal is pressed and released, the voltage is interrupted. This mode is also very useful for long or uncomfortable sessions.


The GHOST tattoo power supply warranty is valid for 3 years.


The GHOST is supplied with the universal multi-plug switching external adapter . The switching technology allows to use the power supply in all the countries of the world.


Weight: 250g Dimensions: L 86 mm XP 100 mm XH 40 mm

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