Hive Caps - Soldier Bee Gray


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Hive caps

The hands down greatest ink cap for tattooing. Hive caps make for easy setup and are more stable than standard caps. Just snap together and get to work!
Each hive cap contains 4 usable ink cells in a "small #9" side and "large #16" side. Each bag contains 50 Hive Cap sets totaling 200 usable ink cells.

Hive Caps:

  • Contain both small and large Ink caps comparable to #9 and #16.
  • Have built in measuring lines for reliable mixes.
  • Are Open topped for visibility.
  • Allow for Infinite fun configurations.
  • Stack-able to prevent drying and contamination on long sittings.
  • Creates less splatter for a cleaner working area.
  • Can be snapped together or uses individually.
  • Made for Tattoo Artists by an Artist.

Patented US D814,567 S


Do Hive Caps™ work the same as regular ink caps?
Yes.  The depth and perimeter are slightly different than a regular ink cap, but they hold very similar amount of pigment. Just like using a new type of tube or machine, it may take you a try or two before you get used to it.

What's size does Hive Caps come in?
The larger size cap is comparable to #16. The smaller size cap is comparable to #9

How big are Hive Caps?
2.4"L x 1.38"W x .75"H

How many caps per piece?
Each Hive Cap (piece) as 4 large caps and 4 small caps.

What color Hive Caps™ are available?
Soldier Bee Grey and Natural Queen are Hive Caps standard color options. Different Limited Edition color options will be available while supply lasts. Once sold out, they will not be available again.

Do you need to use an ointment under Hive Caps™?
No. Hive Caps are designed to be stable without any added ointments. But It is up to  the individual artists preference to use or not to use ointment.

Do I need to press hard when stacking Hive Caps™?
No. they are designed to just nestle on top of each other for easy separation.


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