In The Shadows - The People's History Of NYC Underground Tattooing


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In The Shadows – The People’s History Of NYC Underground Tattooing

– 600 Pages

– 8.5″ x 11″ Size

– 4 lbs

In The Shadows- The New York City Tattoo Underground years- 1962-1997

Clayton Patterson and his wife Elsa began to document and nurture the culture, art, and personalities of illegal, underground New York City tattooing during the mid-1980s. “In the Shadows- The People’s History of New York City Underground Tattooing” is the record of their important effort.

“In the Shadows- The People’s History of New York City Underground Tattooing” documents the diversity of voices and images of the irrepressible New York City tattoo community that together represented the art and culture of tattooing that refused to go away during the “Shadow Years”.  –  Michael McCabe 2023

The book features articles and photographs by Ed Hardy, Nick Schonberger, Eddy Portnoy, Carmen Nyssen, Marisa Kakoulas, Michael McCabe, Nick Bubash, Clayton Patterson, Mike Malone, Bill Heine, Ruth Martin, Kate Hellenbrand, Jonathan Shaw, Mehdi Matin, Mike Schweigert, Allison B. Siegel, Jennifer Blowdryer, Joe O’Sullivan, Diane Farris, Veronica Vera, Andrew “Zee” Sistrand, Shane Enholm, Christine Braunberger, Tattoo Dan, Patrick Kitzel, Dian Hanson, Daniel Lukes, Carlo McCormick, Alessandra DeBenedetti, Scott Machens, Erik La Prade, Kate Majarov, Roger Kaufman, Ethan Hill, Ron Kolm, Ari Roussimoff, A.J. Herold, John Wyatt, Efrain John Gonzales, Charles Gatewood, Wes Wood, Amy Dupcak, Stanley Stellar, Daniel Lukes, Sean Vasquez, Michelle Myles, Marcus Pacheco, Timothy Hoyer, Rob White, Lorraine Bautista, Jose ‘Cochise’ Quiles, Howie Abrams and many more


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