Lucas Ford Blue Widow V Liner Tattoo Machine


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Lucas Ford Blue Widow V Liner Tattoo Machine

This Widow V Liner is tuned for larger lining with 5s to 11s. It has a long stroke and a hard consistent hit. It has a three-piece welded frame, a baby blue powder-coated finish for a durable and long-lasting finish that is to wipe and maintain. Matching black hardware with black phenolic coils.

Speed: 140 HZ @ 6-7 volts unloaded

Groupings: 5-11

“All of my machines are hand-built by me, someone who tattoos every day, just like you do. My goal is simple, to make the best quality, best-performing products possible to share with my friends and peers in tattooing. I only want to make tattooing better as a whole and days more enjoyable for everyone involved.”- Lucas Ford


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