Lucky Supply Disposable Needle Cartridges - Round Shader


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Disposable Needle Cartridges by Lucky Supply

Round Shader – 0.30 Round Shader Needle Pins

Prioritizing Safety

  • Needles crafted from the highest-grade 316L stainless steel
  • Tough, medical-grade plastic cartridge housing
  • Advanced silicone membrane technology to prevent ink backflow
  • Meticulous quality inspections
  • 20pcs/box E.O. Sterilized

Prioritizing Tattooers

  • Intuitive color-coded stem and housing for easy identification
  • Transparent housing tips for optimal view of ink flow
  • Available in various configurations for all tattooing styles

Disposable Needle Cartridges by Lucky Supply

Choose from Magnum, Round Liner & Round Shader Needle Cartridges

Cartridge Specs:

Round Shader – 0.30 Round Shader Needles

Round Shader

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