Lucky Supply V2 Needle Cartridges - Power Round Liners 9 Supertigt


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 Disposable V2 Needle Cartridges by Lucky Supply


Lucky Supply V2 Needle Cartridges provide unparalleled comfort and control. They have been outfitted with a finger ledge for optimal support, allowing you to work closer than ever to your client’s skin. Our cartridges feature a membrane mechanism preventing any ink spit-back and are designed for all styles of work. We are proud to offer a wide range of configurations for all preferences and needs.

Prioritizing Safety

  • Power Round Liner Cartridges

    • Available in 7 & 9 Needle Groupings
    • #13 0.40mm - 5.5mm Taper Length
    • Medical Grade 304 Stainless Steel Needles
    • Ethylene Oxide Gas Sterilized
    • Individually Wrapped in 5 Pack Strips
    • Single Use Only
    • Qty: 20 pcs

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    Certificate of Sterilization

    Prioritizing Tattooers

  • Intuitive color-coded stem and housing for easy identification
  • Transparent housing tips for optimal view of ink flow
  • Available in various configurations for all tattooing styles

Disposable Needle Cartridges by Lucky Supply

Choose from Magnum, Round Liner & Round Shader Needle Cartridges

Cartridge Specs:

Power Round Liner – 0.40  5.5mm Taper Power Round Liner Needles

Round Shader

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