Sekusept Aktiv Powder Disinfectant 1.5 Kg


+ tax if applicate 

Sekusept Aktiv powder disinfectant in a 1.5kg tub of disinfecting and cleaning agent. Dilute the powder in water to disinfect and clean hollow tools with small inner diameters such as grips and tattoo tips.
It is aldehyde-free and safe for use on nonporous washable surfaces and is a cost-effective solution for a wide range of applications.

  • Wide spectrum disinfectant is powerful against bacteria, yeasts, and viruses.
  • Active cleaning ingredients efficiently remove proteins and other stains.
  • Short exposure time and low concentration required due to powerful formulation.
  • Virucidal disinfection with 2% dilution with 10 min Contact time.
  • Virucidal and sporicidal with 2% dilution and 15 min Contact time.
  • Service life of unloaded application solution: 24 h
  • Broad compatibility with materials.
  • Disinfects washable areas and surfaces.
  • Low foam solution is suitable for use in ultrasonic bath.
  • Contains a unique combination of PerOxyBalance technology (Peracetic acid with neutral or weak alkaline pH) .
  • Listed according to RKI (A/B), VAH and IHO Safety for users and patients.
  • CE mark according to medical directive MDD 93/42 / EEC.

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