Shagbuilt - THE ONE - DarkGreen/Green Glitter


+ tax if applicate 

The big brother to the D20/DLX, THE ONE linear slide style rotary machine. Features an enhanced and more efficient slide, inline geometry that means less loss of power transmission, built-in rubber band hooks, and an upgraded motor. In other words- a d20 in beast mode. Want to tattoo more efficiently than ever? Look no further!

  • Swiss precision motor with dual ball bearings to handle big jobs providing more torque than the D20/DLX
  • More torque means it can deliver the same consistent punch at lower speeds as well as handle bigger needle groupings
  • All aluminum body
  • 4.7oz lightweight design with great balance that’s easy on the wrist, only .1 oz heavier than the D20/DLX but with the same great balance
  • Linear slide style makes setup easy, even for a first-time rotary user
  • Great for shading and coloring with mag groupings 7-25
  • Amazing for lining with 9-18rds
  • 4mm Stroke
  • Works with all rotary ready power supplies
  • Non-silent rotary provides audible feedback
  • Cartridge compatible, but if you want to run small groups with cartridges, I suggest D20/DLX machine.



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