The Good Biodegradable Machine Bags


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By Good Guy Supply

 Our biodegradable barriers are constructed with unified source PLA(PBAT/starch) and printed with soy-based ink.

 We provided recycled packaging and on-roll-based products to make dispensing easier. Please keep these away from direct sunlight and heat as it contributes to the biodegradation process. Once finished kindly recycle your packaging boxes.

 Very few facilities exist with industrial composting to handle standard barrier coverings, compounded with these being biohazard items once used, this greatly restricts the number of available facilities. The Good Biodegradable barriers will slowly break down in the warm, wet environment of your local landfill with far less impact than plastic.

 Our small choices can make a lasting effect on our environment.

1) DIN EN13432 standard

2) ASTM D D6400 Industrial

3) TUV OK Compostable

4) Global environmental protection official website

Machine Bags:

2 rolls 400 bags

15cm x 14.5cm | 6” x 5.5”

 Our machine bags easily fit most tattoo machines and provide effective cross-contamination protection. They easily double as a power supply barrier, use the unprinted side to see the display.

 Packaging made from recycled materials.


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