Thermal Copier


+ tax if applicate 

Thermal copier A4 . Made in germany
Makes high quality stencils for your tattoo stencil.
Automatic thermostat .
Automatic overheat protection
CE approved
Note that you need laser
printed drawings or pencil drawings. Usually prints with Ink jet printers will not work.
Recommending using the right stencil paper along with the thermal plastic carrier
Weight 6 kg
Size 45 cm x 20 cm x 11.5 cm
Voltage 230V~/50 Hz
  FAQ around thermal-copiers ( based on Infrared-lamp-technology ): Q: How is the basic function of a thermal-copier? A: During the copying-process ( infrared-exposure ) the rays generate heat on the Carbon-coated areas of the motif, melt the wax-coating and transfer it onto the top-layer of the stencil-paper-unit. Q: Do you offer a warranty for your machines? A: Yes, we offer a 12-month warranty if used properly. Unfortunately we're not responsible for heavy shocks during transport that might cause breakage of inner parts as lamp or roller. In such a case please complain immediately upon receipt at the responsible freight-forwarder. Q: Do you check your machines before shipping them out? A: Yes, each machine is tested and you'll receive a sample, indicating the optimum speed. We do also pack a fresh stencil-paper for your own first successful copy after receipt of the machine. Q: Are your new machines blocked for transport? A: Yes, to avoid breakage on transport we've inserted 2 rubber-stripes that have to be removed after opening 2 red-marked transportation-lock-srews. You'll find an instruction on the new machines how to do this. Q: What type of printer do I need to print the motif? A: We do advise to use laser-printers or -copiers. Using black powder-toner-cardridges. You can find these models under 100 US $, combining USB-print and stand-alone-copy-functions, even with enlarging and reducing! A phantastic combination for effective work with our thermal-copiers. Q: Do your copiers need to be warmed up? A: No, just start by switching on the main-switch on the back and start immediately by inserting the carrier. Q: Is it necessary to use a carrier-foil? A: Yes, the use of a carrier helps to keep the machine clean inside. Otherwise wax-residues might be found later on glass-tube and rubber-roller. Q: I've no transfer of motif. What's wrong? A: If both inner rollers rotate and the lamp lights up, please check if you're using the correct printer for your motif. Q: Can I do stencils from designs done by hand? A: Yes, if you use a black pencil or fiber-tip-pen using Carbon-pigmented (archival/light-proof) ink you can do direct copies/stencils from your design. Q: What is the standard speed-setting? A: Please start on speed-settings as 7.5 and adapt if necessary. You'll get lighter copies using higher speed-numbers and vice-versa. Q: Can I use cheaper cloned / not original stencil paper? A: Most clones are so inferior in quality, that there aren't good or even no results. Don't waste money and use the original US-manufactured thermal papers only! Q: After the copy the rollers are still rotating? Is this wrong? A: No, after each copy our machines cool down automatically, this might take some minutes. Q: I've an inkjet-printer with 5 or 6 ink-cartriges. One is Pigment-Black. Can I use it? A: Yes, but only inkjet-printers with black-pigmented inks work, but usually you've to use the text-setting also for printing picture-files, thus using only the black-pigmented cartridge. Q: Which paper-colour can I use? Classic-Purple or Green? A: For Europe we do advise to use the green EU-conforming papers only, for best results in combination with the green transfer-cream from the same manufacturer. Q: Does the new green thermal-paper need another speed-setting? A: No, both paper-colours can be used on the same speed-setting. Q: Does the thermal-copier need cleaning or maintenance? A: Yes, please check in regular intervals, if there are wax-or paper-residues on glass-tube or rubber-roller. Wax-residues can easily be cleaned by using white spirit on a tissue-paper.

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