Tintenkillah - Power Formula 500ml


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  • Tintenkillah® PURE POWER cleaner is a multifunctional cleaner for all washable surfaces. The cleaner is based on the original Tintenkillah® formula. Through the use of natural ingredients tattoo ink, grease, encrustations, and all contaminants are removed powerfully and reliably.


Instructions: Tintenkillah® Pure Power is ready for use and can be sprayed directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Wipe with a damp cloth and polish dry.  1.) Spray directly onto the affected surface. Wait 3-5 minutes – do not wait until the surface is dry! Clean down with a soft absorbent cloth. Alternatively, use a smooth microfiber cloth.  2.) In case of heavy soiling or dried up INK, use a smooth brush: spray onto the surface and brush the surface in circular motions. Clean down as described in 1.) Repeat these steps until the surface is clean.     Safety instructions: Keep out of reach of children! Do not use on sealed wood or oiled or waxed surfaces. Not suitable for acrylic surfaces. For sensitive skin, please wear rubber gloves. Not suitable for disinfection! Do not use on fresh tattoos!    Tintenkillah® gem. Detergenzienverordnung: <5% anionische Tenside, Soda, Duft-, Farb- und Hilfsstoffe 


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